Question About Mousewheel

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Question About Mousewheel

28 Jul 2020, 10:00

So I am fairly new to ahk approx. 3 hours in and learning and I just want to implement a code where after I click it would scroll down for a fixed amount of area/time or any measurement. Ive only been seeing mousewheel will click when it is used but I want the opposite. Click first then scroll down.
*Not a drag effect but a simple click first then scrolldown not click and scrolldown
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Re: Question About Mousewheel

28 Jul 2020, 10:04

MouseClick, Left ; click in currrent pos - see MouseClick
Send, {WheelDown} ; scroll down one section/click/tick see Wheel
Send, {WheelDown 5} ; scroll down 5 sections/clicks/ticks

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