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Status change

03 Aug 2020, 18:48

Hi, I've known AHK for a long time but never done any complicated scripts, so in other words I'm a complete noob.

That being said, I wanted to make a simple script which opened Sound settings, mute a certain audio jack under Speaker properties and close itself automatically.
After some hours of researching, typos and trial and error, I completed it and I'm able to add it to Windows startup with task scheduler.

The problem resides with the mute button itself, as it is a toggle, but WindowSpy doesn't tell me if it is muted or unmuted, it simply reads &Mute in the Text section and Button11 in the ClassNN section.
I have provided a screenshot of what I mean.

Muted.png (60.47 KiB) Viewed 1265 times
Unmuted.png (62.25 KiB) Viewed 1265 times
I've searched online but there doesn't seem anything I have found useful.

Additionally, I want the script to check for an active program so it takes a certain action (mute or unmute) based on the status of the mute button, any suggestions there?

Regardless, thanks for the read :)
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Re: Status change

09 Aug 2020, 16:14

Anyone has any idea or any step towards a possible solution?
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Re: Status change

09 Aug 2020, 16:56

If I couldn't find file or setting that I could query to get the status of those mute settings, I would use ImageSearch to determine which icon is being displayed.

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