Get members of COM object like in PowerShell

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Get members of COM object like in PowerShell

08 Aug 2020, 09:57

Per this article, PowerShell exposes the Get-Member cmdlet
that can be used to list methods and properties on an object easily

Is there a way to do this in AHK once I have an interface pointer?

Background in case you can suggest helpful resources:
Right now, I'm trying to get more familiar with manipulating COM objects with the end goal of using it in AHK V2 with UIA; as best as I can tell, the easiest way to get a list of COM object members is with a browser/viewer such as MS OLE/COM Object Viewer (oleview.exe) which generates IDL.
I am also examining @Elgin's TypeLib2AHK which I find to be very helpful in my learning curve (unfortunately latest update was 2017, so won't run with later versions of AHK V2).

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