direct remapping of 24 keyboard extra-buttons using ahk only

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direct remapping of 24 keyboard extra-buttons using ahk only

08 Aug 2020, 13:42

the keyboard is Steelseries APEX (, the buttons are:

1-10: MX1 to MX10
11-22: M1 to M12
23: left-up
24: right-up

there are even 5 more special buttons (L1, L2, L3, L4, and the very conveniently placed logo-button) but they could not be assigned to something even in the native SS Engine software
(i use version 2 of it) (not 3) (the version 3 has its disadvantages, including inability to remap these 2 very important buttons: left-up, right-up)

there are similar old topics like this or that
but some time has passed already. so i decided to ask if somebody knows how to solve this problem (it seems, very difficult problem)

my goal is to remap these 24 buttons (at least them) without having to use the Steelseries Engine software which is very slow and not convenient
its process SteelSeriesEngine.exe is constantly running and gets fatter and fatter after each opening of its gui:
mem usage is bigger than the usage of ALL other programs together (except for the browser)
I/O write bytes is in top-3/top-2 of all processes (top-1 right after start of OS)
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Re: direct remapping of 24 keyboard extra-buttons using ahk only

13 Aug 2020, 14:11

I'm also wishing to get these extra keys on my keyboard as well.
Haven't been able to for months... Mine is also steelseries.
Can anyone help us?
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