Double Click with ControlClick not working

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Double Click with ControlClick not working

10 Sep 2020, 13:48

I have a function set up to click on a row with-in a table, but now I need to double click on a row with-in that table to open a new window. But it does not seem to be working. Below if the function for double clicking the row but it is still only single clicking the row. Any ideas on what I am over looking in my code? Other things I have tried is to repeat a controlClick 2X, and setting the click count to 5 to see if more was better (It wasn't).

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DoubleClickRow(Value, ChildId)
        For k, v in Acc_Children(this.table)
            If (v.accValue(ChildId) = Value)
                SelectedRow := v
                index := k
            Else If (k = this.RowCount())
                Errorlevel := 1
        acc_Location(this.Acc, 0, ParentLoc)
        acc_Location(SelectedRow, 0, xpos)
        Global PaneCoord := StrSplit(ParentLoc, A_Space, "x y")
        Global coord := StrSplit(xpos, A_Space, "x y")
        Global Clickx := coord[1] - PaneCoord[1] + 15
        Global Clicky := coord[2] - PaneCoord[2] + 10
        SetControlDelay -1
        ControlClick,, % this.WHNDL,,,2, NA X%Clickx% Y%ClickY% 
        return index
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