Wheeldown command is not consistent

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Wheeldown command is not consistent

11 Sep 2020, 19:19

simple code like this:

^d::send {wheeldown 5}

when I press ctrl + d, most of the time it works as ordered (exactly the same screen shown when manually turning the wheel downward 5 times)
but from time to time, wheeldown is sent 4 times and this is annoying as hell!

why does this happen and how to avoid this from occuring ?

(I use this mostly for chrome browser but other application also reports the same problem)
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Re: Wheeldown command is not consistent

11 Sep 2020, 19:56


Code: Select all

    KeyWait, Ctrl ; start WheelDown only when Ctrl is released
    loop, 5 {
        send {wheeldown}
        Sleep, 100 ; increase/decrease as needed

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