uflags for IShellFolder::GetDisplayNameOf method ?

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uflags for IShellFolder::GetDisplayNameOf method ?

13 Sep 2020, 15:02

am I doing uFlags wrong ? should it not be Uint ?

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        ;pszPath is = "" or nothing 
this is the method https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/api/shobjidl_core/nf-shobjidl_core-ishellfolder-getdisplaynameof

I want to verify if tmpPIDL is correct

Edit: I got help from the discord server
it should be DllCall(VTable(IShellFolder,11),"Ptr",IShellFolder,"Ptr",tmpPIDL,"UInt",0x8000,"Ptr*",pszPath)

but pszPath is still ""
does this mean that tmpPIDL is incorrect ? It has a non-zero value though
I got it from IShellFolder:ParseDisplayName,

DllCall(VTable(IShellFolder,3),"Ptr", IShellFolder,"Ptr",win_hwnd,"Ptr",0,"Wstr",v,"Ptr",0,"Ptr*",tmpPIDL,"Ptr",0)

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