Hide icon in NotifyIconOverflowWindow

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Hide icon in NotifyIconOverflowWindow

15 Sep 2020, 23:11

Hi guys,

I use [LIB] TrayIcon - Sean's TrayIcon for Unicode and 64 bit to hide a specific tray icon. It works file with Shell_TrayWn. But it doesn't work if the icon is hidden in the NotifyIconOverflowWindow area. Below is my code:

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; #NoTrayIcon
#Include TrayIcon.ahk

test := TrayIcon_GetInfo(sExeName := "FamItrfc.exe")
 Loop, % test.MaxIndex()
    str .= test[A_Index].IDcmd   

 TrayIcon_Hide(str, sTray:="NotifyIconOverflowWindow", bHide:=True)
  ; TrayIcon_Hide(str, sTray:="Shell_TrayWnd", bHide:=True) ==> this works file if the icon is not hidden
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Any help would be appreciated :D

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