How can I swap this 2 keys?

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How can I swap this 2 keys?

17 Sep 2020, 08:44

How can I swap this 2 keys?
x and Numpadleft

With the script I do actions like this:
I write abbreviations to get actions done.

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MouseClick, left,  1235,  480
Sleep, 400
MouseClick, left,  982,  868
Sleep, 200

sleep, 200
Send, {HOME}
sleep, 100

MouseClick, left,  777,  481
Sleep, 100
Send, ^v

sleep, 100
MouseClick, left,  850,  646
Sleep, 100

sleep, 100
sleep, 100
Send,{left 30}
sleep, 100

Sleep, 100
MouseClick, left,  926,  986 
So I have all keys doing nothing when I press them only as a single key.
So the abbraviations like above work.

for example:

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With numpadleft I move things.

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Click Down
Now I want to change x and numpadleft.
So I can move things with x.
and when I write "exp2" I want that is also works.
So I need to write "e" "numpadleft" "p" "2"

This is what I want.

Have a good day!

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