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notify and check box

18 Oct 2020, 14:42

i have a issue with this code:

Code: Select all

#Include f:\TUTORIAL - Lukas\Balicek_DTP\_DATA\AHK\notify_NEW_instalator.ahk
DetectHiddenWindows, on

gui, new,+AlwaysOnTop,balicek
gui add, Checkbox, w180 h20 Checked vstart gwin, Spustit script po startu Windows?
gui add, Checkbox, w180 h20  vplocha gploch, Umístit zástupce na plochu?
gui add, Button, w75 x65 gpokracovat,Pokračovat
gui show, w190 h90
gui, Submit, NoHide


gui, Submit, NoHide
	MsgBox zaksrtli start
else if (start==0)
	MsgBox neni  start

gui, Submit, NoHide
	MsgBox zaksrtli plocha
else if (plocha==0)
	MsgBox neni  plocha

gui Submit, NoHide
MsgBox kliknul si na pokracovat

it works fine, until i include notify_NEW_instalator.ahk - it is this one (nothing changed):
then guiClose not working (i get empty msgbox), everytime when i check or uncheck box, i will get empty msgbox again, if i press "pokracovat" button, again, empty MSGbox :/ Why?
thank you very much.
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Re: notify and check box  Topic is solved

18 Oct 2020, 23:54

What part of that code do you actually include; and really at that location? Didn't you really change anything?

That github code looks like it contains an usage example and it says ;Actual Code Starts Here and ;Actual Code Ends Here somewhere in the code.
Not that your GUI should show up at all if you include that whole shebang at that location of your code... the returns in the github code should prevent your own GUI code from running in the first place, it should be unreachable code then. How an empty msgbox would appear for guiClose:, remains also a mystery. Your description doesn't add up for me.
Please check your code - my guess is that your actual code looks different.

If I only include exactly "the actual code" part (a function and a class), your GUI seems to still work fine.
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Re: notify and check box

19 Oct 2020, 07:17

OMG - "the actual code" part, Thank you !

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