Add items to shopping cart using API

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Add items to shopping cart using API

25 Nov 2020, 16:33

Hey I stock the bar at my local cricket club and order a lot of alcohol from an online store and looking to fast track the ordering process.

I'm trying to add items into the cart directly using the api from the website. I'm not sure how to go about logging in and then adding the item to my specific cart.

The website I am using is --

If anyone could demonstrate how to add the following Item to my cart --

It would be greatly apricated and I should be able to work out everything else from there.

Thanks Grimboto
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Re: Add items to shopping cart using API

25 Nov 2020, 17:47

Do your cashier system provide an inventory function? That way you could do some math (bootle content vs number of orders) to order new stuff in advance.
You could create your very own special keyboard (deck) with buttons for every item you have in stock (using an Android smartphone/tablet). Once you press one of its buttons it’ll trigger a script that will make the order :arrow: Matric
What browser are you using? Please provide a link to that shops API-reference. Good luck :)

BTW, what about to use its iOS/Android app for ordering?? :think:
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Re: Add items to shopping cart using API

26 Nov 2020, 02:31

I don't have permission to access

AHK can usually interface with http APIs so it's likely possible.

Maybe a good starting spot:

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