F3 sends a key such as x

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F3 sends a key such as x

19 Jan 2021, 15:59

I need a script in which pressing F3 sends a key such as x.
and that all that is sent in the shortest possible time I did this but it is slow I think

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F3:: sendinput x{enter}x{enter}x{enter}x{enter}x{enter}x{enter}
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Re: F3 sends a key such as x

19 Jan 2021, 18:27

It was quite fast when I tested it.
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Re: F3 sends a key such as x

20 Jan 2021, 06:03

Perhaps this is the issue:
If a script other than the one executing SendInput has a low-level keyboard hook installed, SendInput automatically reverts to SendEvent (or SendPlay if SendMode InputThenPlay is in effect). This is done because the presence of an external hook disables all of SendInput's advantages, making it inferior to both SendPlay and SendEvent.
Source: SendInput documentation

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