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SoundPlay to Microphone channel

11 Aug 2015, 12:59


I would like to do a SoundBoard script. Not a big deal to make a GUI or hotkeys and play sounds of choice, but that's not the problem. Main purpose behind creating it would be playing the sounds to microphone channel or something, that would allow to send/play sound files in any program or game supporting voice chat.

So, how do I SoundPlay to a program or microphone channel?

Re: SoundPlay to Microphone channel  Topic is solved

14 Aug 2015, 07:51

No, not figured out the solution yet.

For now I have a function that searches for device and returns it's code (id/handle or something, don't know how it's called) - this will come in use when telling the script where the sound should go. The function is included in Lexicos' "VA" library ( ... -functions ). Before that step we still need anything that would allow such redirecting in first place.

Almost all my google search resulted in people asking for default device change. I don't need it in this case, but I succeed doing just that by mistake, lol. The other results were just questions and requests, which in the end were nowhere helpful. Maybe if I knew what I am looking for exactly (as in function name of feature that allows changing played audio device for particular application or the AHK script at least) - the results could be more satisfying.

One thing I am sure about is that it's possible, and that people actually do it with standalone applications (or maybe at least using netframework or visual c++ thing. I was able to find few free and paid applications which work somewhat like soundboard - assign hotkeys to sounds and redirect sound as described earlier. Each of them has it's pros and cons, and I'd preferably make one on my own in AHK to suit my needs, but the output device stands in the way. Here's an example of program that allows just that: ... ot%202.png <- maybe it would be even ok if: 1) it supported sets, 2) didnt require java, which at other hand took like 700 MB RAM when I was testing it.

Even if we find a function in WinAPI or something else that will allow to do the requested thing above - I would probably need help implementing it too.
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Re: SoundPlay to Microphone channel

18 Aug 2015, 11:48

BananaGuy as promised I looked into DirectSound and while it can do what you want, you have to install it's SDK here:
which may not be desirable.
Also, you or your target user will also need the CLR library for ahk. I will continue to watch this topic to see if any of the other possible solutions worked out for you.
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Re: SoundPlay to Microphone channel

18 Aug 2015, 13:30

Not meaning to hijack another man's thread, but I don't spose you know anything about the reverse do you?

Specifically, I am looking to create a script that will let disabled users trigger a script action by making sound (ie mic input volume over certain level = trigger action)


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