COM unzip in Windows 7

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COM unzip in Windows 7

25 Sep 2015, 12:39

I tried ... ta7-ahk-l/ and another script. Both produce a new folder with a direct access to My Computer (if that's the correct translation). Any ideas?
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Re: COM unzip in Windows 7

25 Sep 2015, 14:53

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unzip( source, outdir )
	objShell := ComObjCreate( "Shell.Application" )
	objSource := objShell.NameSpace( source ).Items()
	objTarget := objShell.NameSpace( outdir )
	intOptions = 256 + 128
	objTarget.CopyHere(objSource, intOptions)
	ObjRelease( objShell )
I dunno what your issue is since you wont tell us
here is a stripepd and dumbed down version
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