Dynamic GuiControl Function

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Dynamic GuiControl Function

04 Oct 2015, 11:06

Basically the script that I'm working has 64 buttons that is bound to read the entire content of a text file and copies it to the clipboard when clicked. Saving and loading is easy, now to change the corresponding button's text according to the label assigned to it is the difficult part. I can't wrap my head around this without making a very long pseudo case switch function. Here's what I'm working wth.

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  GuiControlGet, ParaNo
  If (ParaNo == "") 
    GuiControl, , ParaNo, 00
  Else {
    nParaNo := SubStr("0" . ParaNo, -1)
    GuiControl, , ParaNo, %nParaNo%

  GuiControlGet, ParaNo
  GuiControlGet, strToWrite, , ParaEdit
  GuiControlGet, strIniLabel, , ParaLabel
  WriteFile(ParaNo, strToWrite, strIniLabel)
  btn2Rename := "pb"ParaNo
  GuiControl, 1:, btn2Rename, %ParaNo%.%strIniLabel%

ReadFile(Filename) {
  If (Filename <= 64 && Filename >= 1) {
    FileSelected := Filename ".txt"
    If FileExist(FileSelected){
      FileRead, ReadContent, %FileSelected%
      IniRead, strIniLabel, cfg.ini, PastebinLabels, %Filename%, %A_Space%
      GuiControl, , ParaEdit, %ReadContent%
      GuiControl, , ParaLabel, %strIniLabel%
    } Else
      GuiControl, , ParaEdit, % "No saved data for this slot."
  } Else
    GuiControl, , ParaEdit, % "Must load a number between 1-64."

WriteFile(Filename, Content, Label) {
  FileSelected := Filename ".txt"
  Loop 2 {
    If FileExist(FileSelected)
      FileDelete, %FileSelected%
      IniDelete, cfg.ini, PastebinLabels, %Filename%
      IniWrite, %Label%, cfg.ini, PastebinLabels, %Filename%
      FileAppend, %Content%, %FileSelected%
I can get the value right but GuiControl can't seem to work with it.

Edit. Figured it out, thanks to Maestr0.

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  GuiControl, 1:, pb%ParaNo%, %ParaNo%.%strIniLabel%
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Re: Dynamic GuiControl Function

04 Oct 2015, 11:29

try this:

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GuiControl, , ParaNo, %nParaNo%

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