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Posted: 09 Jul 2019, 08:23
by tank
So I am going on a bit of a short rant about AA (Automation Anywhere), the so called big boy in the market.
Subject: DB queries
Here is the skivvy. I have to connect to an Oracle DB, Execute 2 queries and store the results in a file. GODAMN EASY ASK RIGHT!!!!. I had the first query working perfectly yesterday. Exports 934 records to csv. I am quite happy with the result. Today I come in and add the second query. again it executes perfectly giving me 39 records. :bravo: execute them both and i only get results from the second query. :facepalm: :wtf: take the second query out and the first one fails wtf. :trollface: So I did the only logical thing I tested the fuxxing query with AutoHotkey.......934 records. :headwall: not a problem with the query at all, not a problem with the db, not some sort of cache problem just AA being damn retarded.

What kind of madness have any of you seen with RPA software? Share your story.