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G1ANT and AHK via AutoHotkey.Interop

Posted: 12 Jul 2019, 07:54
by burque505
G1ANT is perhaps the most scriptable of the RPA offerings I've come across. The Developer version doesn't cost anything, but has CAPTCHAs that sometimes interfere with development. It has a unique scheme for prefixing variables. You can triple-quote strings for multiline (‴ is not ''', it's a special insertion from the editor which I think is probably a Unicode triple prime). I have AHK up and running with it, which is encouraging (UiPath of also allows integrating AutoHotkey.dll via AutoHotkey.Interop). Even the IPC handlers work.

The ⊂⊃ brackets surround C# code that G1ANT refers to as macros. You can use lambda expressions.

The G1ANT editor appears to be a Scite component, so lots of us that use Scite4AutoHotkey will feel right at home right away. Here's a little G1ANT code for a teaser (simple to the point of idiocy, sorry), basically cloned from the AutoHotkey.Interop github page. As you can see, you can get info in and out of AHK.

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addon core version 4.100.19170.929
addon language version 4.100.19170.929
♥macrodlls = System.dll,System.Drawing.dll,System.Windows.Forms.dll,AutoHotkey.Interop.dll
♥macronamespaces = System,AutoHotkey.Interop,System.Windows.Forms
♥hellogiant = "Hello "
var ahk = AutoHotkeyEngine.Instance;
ahk.ExecRaw("MsgBox, Hello World!");
ahk.SetVar("x", ♥hellogiant);
ahk.SetVar("y", "World, from AHK and G1ANT!");
ahk.ExecRaw("z:=x . y");
string zValue = ahk.GetVar("z");
ahk.SetVar("z", zValue);
ahk.ExecRaw("Msgbox, I can say %z%")
Gotta ♥ those variable prefixes . . .

Re: G1ANT and AHK via AutoHotkey.Interop

Posted: 12 Aug 2019, 16:12
by burque505
G1ANT has a free training webinar coming up. It is really easy to use AHK in G1ANT. They have 20+ training videos online, maybe more by now.
ClickMeeting link.