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AutoHotkey PODCASTS with Blackholyman and Joe Glines

Posted: 05 Apr 2019, 15:11
by Joe Glines
Greetings fellow AutoHotkey enthusiasts! Jackie Sztuk from and Joe Glines from the-Automator are having weekly AHK podcasts where we (mostly) talk-through various things about automation & AutoHotkey.

For more in-depth dives, check out our AutoHotkey webinars

Most of the AutoHotkey podcasts are designed for listening to however, at times, we do reference things on our screens. Generally speaking the mp3 files should be fine...If you have a particular topic you would like covered, please let us know by posting below

AHK Podcasts
  • 001-mp3 Video Why and what to automate
  • 002-mp3 Video Automating ourselves out of a job?
  • 003-mp3 Video Charging for AutoHotkey work / Advice
  • 004-mp3 Video Using Functions in AutoHotkey
  • 005-mp3 Video Multiple scripts verse single script
  • 006-mp3 Video Why people don’t pick-up AutoHotkey
  • 007-mp3 Video Running scripts on multiple computers
  • 008-mp3 Video Current AutoHotkey forum issues
  • 009-mp3 Video When NOT to use AutoHotkey
  • 010-mp3 Video What AHK IS good for
  • 011-mp3 Video What holds AutoHotkey back? Why is it so niche.
  • 012-mp3 part 1 part 2 Video part 1 part 2 Various AutoHotkey websites & Communities. PowerPoint deck with links
  • 013-mp3 video APIs vs. Web Scraping
  • 014-mp3 video Historical versions of AutoHotkey
  • 015-mp3 video What can be automated
  • 016-mp3 video Most overlooked AHK Functionality
  • 017-mp3 video Thought process BEFORE scripting
  • 018-mp3 video Preferred Order of Technology used for Automation
  • 019-mp3 video Video The future of web scraping with AutoHotkey
  • 020-mp3 video Robotics Process Automation (RPA) & Desktop Automation
  • 021-mp3 video Three Philosophical views of Computer Automation / RPA

Re: AutoHotkey Podcasts with Blackholyman and Joe Glines

Posted: 06 Apr 2019, 15:25
by Joe Glines
BTW- Maestrith, author of AHK Studio and I were on a call.  We thought it would be fun to have an AutoHotkey mp3 player.  In about 15 minutes he cranked out this cool AHK gem.  It will dynamically update the below podcasts and play them!

Code: Select all

URL:="" A_Now ;Get current version of page
SplashTextOn,200,50,Downloading Podcast List,Please Wait...
Text:=URLDownloadToVar(URL) ;Store page in URL variable
Dom:=ComObjCreate("HTMLFile") ;Push it into the DOM
Gui,Add,ListView,w500 h300 gPlay,Podcast ;Create a listview
All:=Dom.GetElementsByTagName("a") ;Get all a tags (there were several ways we could have done this)
while(aa:=All.Item[A_Index-1]){ ;loop over links
	if(SubStr(aa.href,-3)=".mp3") ;if it ends in .mp3  add it to the listview in the next line
		LV_Add("",RegExReplace(uriDecode(aa.href),"\Q\E")) ;remove "" from the view
Gui,1:Add,ActiveX,vWMP w500 h264,WMPlayer.OCX ;Create the Windows media player and make if visible in the GUI
Gui,Show,,Podcast ;Display the GUI
LV_GetText(URL,LV_GetNext()) ;Get which line in the listview you're on
if(!InStr(URL,".mp3")) ;If it doesn't have ".mp3" don't try and play it
WMP.URL:="" URL ;tell the Windows Media player object to play the specific file/podcast

;********************URL download to VAR function***********************************
	return (http.Status=200?http.ResponseText:"Error")
;********************Decode the URL***********************************
		If RegExMatch(str, "i)(?<=%)[\da-f]{1,2}", hex)
			StringReplace, str, str, `%%hex%, % Chr("0x" . hex), All
	Else Break
		Return, str

Re: AutoHotkey Podcasts with Blackholyman and Joe Glines

Posted: 10 Apr 2019, 23:14
by SurbhikaT
Thanks for the update.

Re: AutoHotkey Podcasts with Blackholyman and Joe Glines

Posted: 01 May 2019, 06:58
by submeg
Going through these right now!