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Pointers to program structure/architecture concepts?

Posted: 28 Jul 2019, 12:06
by DaveT1

I've mainly used AHK to write small productivity apps. I have little programming experience, but due to AHK's excellent documentation and the willingness of forum members to contribut so much over the years, I've managed to muddle through.

But I now find I'm looking at larger scripts, maybe several thousand lines. I wonder if there are any highlevel guides / introductions / ...for dummies which are out there where I might start to understand the broader concepts of structuring a larger program / script?

I'm especially keen, if possible, to:

1) not to get bogged down in the syntax of a specific language (unless it's AHK of course ;) ),
2) avoid style guides,
3) avoid non-generic terminology.

Just wondering if anyone knows where I might find such info?

Many thanks in advance.