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A Central Scripts repo would be great

Posted: 08 Oct 2019, 05:47
by boardtc
I am aware of the scripts showcase and googling finds various stashs of scripts on reddit or githubs but it would be great if there was a centralised bank of scripts. Maybe people could even vote on their usefulness so they could be sorted by popularity.

Anyway, I was using the old script from '06 whose shortcut Ctrl+WinKey+C overlaps with toggle the colour filter in Windows 10. I have now changed my hotkey to avoid this clash, which is one of the beauties of AutoHotKey. But I would much prefer to search a bank of scripts and see if there was a better script out there for doing this plain text copying, maybe offerings something I have not considered.

Re: A Central Scripts repo would be great  Topic is solved

Posted: 08 Oct 2019, 10:27
by tidbit
Thats a lot of maintaining. a few of these have been done in the past but they all die after a few weeks/months because no one wants to run all the not-so-good scripts (no offense to anyone). Can't just add everything, otherwise it becomes bloated and useless, be the same as browsing the Forums. and you have to thoroughly test it out to determine if it should be added. Is it too buggy? Malicious? Very well done? Does the author give permission (licenses are a thing) to redistribute and share it?

But this is the wrong section to discuss this as you haven't made one and are not sharing it. I'll move it.

ofcourse there are services/appstores (windows store, various package/software managers mostly used on linux systems, Nuget) which allow users to submit their programs. But the same issues apply (except they agree to allow sharing). Allow everything and get spammed with everyones first Hello World they thought would be helpful to someone? That'd also let malicious code through. Or get some folks to curate a list. Filtering out useless code and malicious content.
BUT FIRST we would need someone to develop such a system for AHK, then host it, get server/storage space, backups incase stuff happens. Which is a LOT of work.

This seems to be the most recent attempt, but it's mostly functions, not 'scripts'.
And Awesome AHK

Re: A Central Scripts repo would be great

Posted: 09 Oct 2019, 03:49
by boardtc
@tidbit Thanks for taking the time to explain clearly and rehoming my post! It is indeed a can of worms! :)

Re: A Central Scripts repo would be great

Posted: 09 Oct 2019, 16:07
by tidbit
btw, this might be of interest. it's basically some super copy/paste tool, billion options and features.

I've never used it personally, but it seems fairly popular and well done.

Re: A Central Scripts repo would be great

Posted: 11 Feb 2020, 08:38
by boardtc
Thanks, @tidbit, I had a brief look at the Lintalist, it's an intimidating one to come in on, I just want a script to strip the formatting. Actually I no longer use AHK for doing that. In Windows (10) shift-ctrl-v does it, it doesn’t work in Office apps. e.g Outlook, but you can use ctrl-alt-v and select “unformatted” to strip the formatting. It works, I'd use AHK for it though if there was a simple solution that worked for me!