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Help and Questions about RegisterWindowMessage

12 Jul 2020, 00:03

I'm playing around with SKAN's RegisterWindowMessage Shellhook.

From what I understand the ShellMessage function should only be receiving 2 parameters (wParam and lParam). However, when I use it it's receiving 4.
(Example values)
param3 = 49192
param4 = 12327652

Param3 seems to remain the same (though I haven't rebooted to see if it changes.)
Param4 changes with each run of the script.
What are these 2 extra parameters and how can I go about figuring out the meaning of their values?

Code: Select all

myGui := Gui.New("+LastFound")
hWnd := WinExist()
DllCall("RegisterShellHookWindow", "UInt", Hwnd)
MsgNum := DllCall("RegisterWindowMessage", "Str","SHELLHOOK")
OnMessage(MsgNum, "ShellMessage")

ShellMessage(wParam, lParam, param3, param4)
	if (!lParam || !WinExist("ahk_id" lParam)) {

    winT := WinGetTitle("ahk_id " lParam)

    If (wParam=4 || wParam=32772) {
        ToolTip "winT : " winT "`n[1] lParam: " lParam "`n[2] wParam: " wParam
	        .	"`n[3] param3: " param3 "`n[4] param4: " param4
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Re: Help and Questions about RegisterWindowMessage  Topic is solved

12 Jul 2020, 00:49

the onmessage documentation explains it

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