Global variable inside function Topic is solved

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Global variable inside function

10 Aug 2020, 18:32

I have a problem:

Error: Call to nonexistent function.
236: {
---> 237: Global(%Team%, LV)
238: if (LV.GetNext() = 0)


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MyGui.Add("Button", "x502 y219 w120 h30", "To Lobby 1").OnEvent("Click", (*) => ToLobby("Team1"))

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ToLobby(Team) {
Global %Team%, LV
if(LV.GetNext() = 0) {
MsgBox "Choose account first"
Is it possible to insert a variable into the Global() method ?
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Re: Global variable inside function  Topic is solved

12 Aug 2020, 16:03

it might be. if u explain what "inserting a variable into the Global() method" means.
do u have a particular object on which u have define a method called .Global() accepting at least 2 parameters?
do u by "method" mean the "function" Global(), which u are trying to call with command-like syntax(eg Global arg1, arg2)?
do u by "method" mean the "keyword" global, with which u are trying import the variables Team1 and LV from the global scope? or are u trying to leak Team1 into the global scope?

if 3., u cant dynamically import variables. the most u can do is declare ur function assume-global(requiring that u do ur due diligence not to access other globals that u dont need and that u dont leak any locals that ure not supposed to) and simply reference the variable normally, eg

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ToLobby(Team) {

	... := %Team% ; get Team1
	%Team% := ... ; set Team1
	local dontLeakThis := ...

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