Finite-state machine

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Finite-state machine

05 Aug 2019, 06:15


I wrote this script as an exercise while learning about finite-state machine ( I find it useful because it seems like a cleaner way to model certain problems. As you can see in my attempt to simulate the operations of a microwave, the state diagram can be directly translated into code. Depending on the situation, this approach can make coding easier by avoiding the excessive use of if-statements. This is my first attempt and I imagine it could be done better. Any feedback is welcomed!

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class simpleStateMachine {
	__New(state) => (this.state := state, this)
	changeState(state) => this.state := state
	dispatch(functionName, parameters*) {
			return (this)["state_" this.state][functionName](this, parameters*)
		catch	;output errors here.  nothing happens if method is not defined.  change this behavior as necessary
			return (FileAppend("Error calling " fname " in state_" this.state " (Line " Exception("", -1).Line ")`n", "*"), this.state) 
	class state_1 {
		transition_from_1_to_2(_this) => _this.changeState(2)
		transition_from_1_to_3(_this) => _this.changeState(3)
	class state_2 {
		transition_from_2_to_1(_this) => _this.changeState(1)
		transition_from_2_to_3(_this) => _this.changeState(3)
	class state_3 {
		transition_from_3_to_1(_this) => _this.changeState(1)
		transition_from_3_to_2(_this) => _this.changeState(2)

myStateMachine := new simpleStateMachine(initial_state := 1)
MsgBox("Initialized myStateMachine w/ state = " myStateMachine.state)
MsgBox("... current state of myStateMachine = " myStateMachine.dispatch("transition_from_1_to_2")) 
MsgBox("... current state of myStateMachine = " myStateMachine.dispatch("transition_from_2_to_3")) 
MsgBox("... current state of myStateMachine = " myStateMachine.dispatch("transition_from_3_to_1"))

Here is the state diagram for a simple microwave:

My attempt to turn the above diagram into code. The circles represent the states, and the arrows represent the transitions, which are translated into methods under each corresponding state.

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