[V2a108] SetFormat.htm is missing

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[V2a108] SetFormat.htm is missing

12 Mar 2020, 02:55

The page "commands/SetFormat.htm" does not exist in current V2 documentation (chm) - its also not available in https://github.com/Lexikos/AutoHotkey_L-Docs/tree/v2/docs/commands

I'm not sure, whether "SetFormat"-command is obsolete meanwhile, as there is no remark on it within documentation itself. (should be at least noted on "Compability" page then)

The page "commands/SetFormat.htm" is still referenced on page "Compat.htm#SetFormat" in V2-documentation
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Re: [V2a108] SetFormat.htm is missing

12 Mar 2020, 04:29

SetFormat was removed from v2. Use Format() instead. A list of all removed commands and other things related to v2 can be found at Changes from v1.1 to v2.0.

I will add a note to the compatibility page that this page is outdated. Probably Lexikos will remove or rewrite it at some point.

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