Open Main Program Window When System Tray Icon Changes

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Open Main Program Window When System Tray Icon Changes

27 Aug 2016, 15:55


I use a program called "Telegram" which seamlessly syncs messages between desktops/laptops/iOS/Android/etc. When I travel, I message my family to let them know I am still alive, safe, etc. When a new message comes in, the icon in the system tray changes to reflect the number of new messages, i.e., it shows a "1" or a "2" or a "3" to show new messages have arrived. However, my father frequently forgets to look there.

I put in a feature request to the folks at Telegram to open the main message window when a new message arrives, but, I have a hunch there might be a way for AutoHotkey to detect when a system tray icon changes and subsequently open the main window.

1) Does anyone know if this is possible?

2) If AutoHotkey cannot do this, does anyone know of a third party utility that could?

Thank you so much!

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