escape char - semicolon in string?

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escape char - semicolon in string?

22 Oct 2016, 12:39

Would it be possible to support semicolons inside quotation marks without the need to escape them?

The need for other escape chars ( seems clear to me, but I don't understand the need to escape a semicolon. Perhaps there's a scenario in which it would be ambiguous whether the semicolon is part of the string or an indication of a comment, but I'm having a hard time thinking of such a scenario myself.

Currently, this throws a "missing close-quote" error:

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OutputDebug("String with ; semicolon")
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Re: escape char - semicolon in string?

22 Oct 2016, 14:00

If possible in v2, you could change the CommentFlag. In v1.1,
#CommentFlag @
Msgbox, % "String with ; semicolon" @ this is a comment
Edit: As noted by Guest3456 below, #CommentFlag is removed in v2.
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Re: escape char - semicolon in string?

22 Oct 2016, 23:05

Comments and continuation lines/sections are pre-processed before everything else. In other words, they are processed before the quote mark is known to be the beginning of a quoted string. However, it's often unnecessary to escape the semicolon because comments cannot be preceded by a non-whitespace character:

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OutputDebug("String with; semicolon")

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