I need help, toggle button.

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I need help, toggle button.

22 Mar 2017, 13:20

So basically i got a friend who gave me a script and i can't manage to stop it. Its like a script where i click F5 and it automatically types what i did in the script box. So like lets say u type "hi" in the script box and then u can go outside and spam F5 to spam hi on other things on the web. So i wanted to know if there are any "Stop" button. Because like sometimes i type a little too much and i just want it to stop. But they are no buttons that is "stop" button. Here are the current scripts

Gui, Add, Text,, ------------------------------------------Key Delay------------------------------------------
Gui, Add, Edit, w300 vKeyDelay, 100
Gui, Add, Text,, ----------------------------------------Piano Music-----------------------------------------
Gui, Add, Edit, R10 w300 vPianoMusic
Gui, Add, Text,, -------------------------------F5 To Play Piano Music-------------------------------
Gui, Add, Text,, ----------------------------Made by Rasv on V3rmillion----------------------------
Gui, Show
Gui, Submit, Nohide
SetKeyDelay, %KeyDelay%
PianoMusic := StrReplace(PianoMusic, "`n") ; Remove linefeeds
PianoMusic := StrReplace(PianoMusic, "`r") ; Remove carriage returns
PianoMusic := StrReplace(PianoMusic, "/") ; Remove Ingame Chat
Send, %PianoMusic%
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Re: I need help, toggle button.

23 Mar 2017, 00:00

Probably not the best but a simple button binded to Reload might work

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F9::Reload  ; insert this line before [c]F5::[/c] ( just after [c]Gui, Show[/c] )

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