Need help with my sidebar (postit, todo, notes takind, reminder) project

Get help with using AutoHotkey and its commands and hotkeys
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Need help with my sidebar (postit, todo, notes takind, reminder) project

21 Jun 2017, 11:33

Hello, i already asked on reddit but i might need to multiply my chance to get the help i need, so, if you miss information, ask me, i might have altered too much my copy paste from my reddit post

I realise there are a lot of things i won't be able to do, and even if i would feel super proud if i would finish the project alone, i have to ask for help, a lot of help, maybe even, if you have the time, a definitive help to finish this project

here is a picture explaining what it does and what i would want in a finished version :


inspired by this rainmeter skin :

Some things i dont know how to proceed (i have an idea but would be way too hard for me, i saw it in a reminder or a todo autohotkey script, it is a loop to add edit fields, readind the script, i know i can't do it, even understand how it work was hard) :

- add edits fields with a click, (in screenshot you see delimitator, there are multiple edit fields in one tab, it is not a single edit field.

- Add a tab functionnality, and the possibility to add other tabs with a click, to name them (if possible, if not, np) and maybe even to password lock one tab

- ability to select the color of writing and BOLD, italic, or underlined

- If you have idea to make it even better, feel free !

- the edit must be via the gui, probably by clicking on the text, it MUST NOT be via a text editor, currently it work without a text editor ;)

- using a txt file is fine for me, but if you think a .ini file is better (for use of sections) then explain your idea ! :)

i know some stuff might not be possible (easy color selection maybe) but i would love some help ! :D

here is a link to the script : or below is the plaintext

Code: Select all

		gui_state = closed
		Return ; end of autoexecute


			if gui_state != closed
				; save the edit texts
				gui, submit
				FileAppend, %MyEdit%, %A_ScriptDir%\testfileappend.txt
				gui, Destroy
				gui_state = closed


		  gui_state = main
		GUI_ID := WinExist() ; Handle to the GUI give the hndl code
		Gui, Color, 000000, 282a2e 
		Gui, +AlwaysOnTop -SysMenu +ToolWindow -caption +Border +hwndGUI_ID
		Gui, Font, s11 cYellow, Segoe UI
		Gui, add, text, x50 y400, NOTE/TODO/RAPPEL 


		Gui, Add, Edit, x10 y120 w390 h90 vMyEdit
		FileRead, FileContents, %A_ScriptDir%\testfileappend.txt
		GuiControl,, MyEdit, %FileContents%

		Gui, Show, hide w400 h1037 x1518 y0, guinote ; h1078
		DllCall("AnimateWindow","UInt",GUI_ID,"Int",70,"UInt", "0x20002") ; duration 70
		WinSet, Transparent, 200, guinote ; 255 opaque -- 0 Transparent
		FileDelete, %A_ScriptDir%\testfileappend.txt ; when you show the gui, delete the path where you save, this way file append will overwrite it, you can put file delete after show the gui, or before you close it, just before gui submit


		; seems not necessary ? 
		Return DllCall("AnimateWindow","UInt",hWnd,"Int",Duration,"UInt",Flag)

		F11:: ; just a security in case i can't close the GUI


		Auto word wrap
		Select writing color
		Add new edit zone easily
                The edit zone must be transparent, auto resizing too
		Add tabs, on the side, and possibility to add new tabs by clicking a "+" boutton
		Tabs, ability to password lock a tab to keep it's content 'secret'

Thank you all for reading, and thanks in advance for your help !

i know it is not current to ask to complete a 'big' script like this, but this project is kinda important to me ! :)

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