Trying to type Telda (~) Key

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Trying to type Telda (~) Key

23 Jun 2017, 22:56

So my keyboard has not been able to type the telda key on my keyboard for quite some time. I just discovered this application and I was like "Oh, I can just make a script to make it when I press shift and the normal key I could make it type Alt 0126 or just the telda normally." But I've tried both of those things and neither has worked. When I tried typing the telda normally it didn't do anything making it seem like ahk didn't recongnize it. But I'm just asking for a script that will help me do that. I thought it would be simple but it hasn't been when I tried. But I am new to ahk so maybe some of you experts know how to complete this task. Thanks.
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Re: Trying to type Telda (~) Key

25 Jun 2017, 20:21

You have to type the numbers on the number block or however it is called in America. I mean the number keys on the right side of your keybord.
The numbers at the top of a normal keybord, below the function keys (F1, F2, etc..) are not intended to type with the Alt modifier key.
You can also use this for AHK

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:?*c:t#::                                    ; t# types a ~
SendInput, ~
Note, that this is a hotstring. Typing t# types a ~ (tilde char), but typing, for example, helpget# types helpge~. If you have problems with this, you can expand your hotstring to, for example

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:?*c:t##::                                    ; t## types a ~
SendInput, ~
Usually nobody types double hash keys, so you can use strings ending with a t and a hash key normally, without triggering a tilde char.
You can also do it with a hotkey like this, for example

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^!t:: ; Ctrl + Alt + t
sendinput ~

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