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29 Aug 2017, 04:48

I've started getting into Reddit lately, and found a lot of awesome communities there.
What are the sub-reddits you guys would really recommend to other people?

Here's some I recommend:
/r/Battlestations - the place to post and look at clear photographs of desktop battlestation setups.
/r/AskReddit/ - Ask other redditors stuff there about anything. Fun to read when I have nothing to do.
/r/EarthPorn/ - Beautiful photos of Earth's landscapes. Totally SFW
/r/itookapicture/ - A lot of redditor submitted photographs, some SFW, some might not be. Really beautiful to see.
/r/AutoHotkey/ - AutoHotkey's very own subreddit. Do check it out. It's like the Ask for Help.
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Re: Reddit

31 Aug 2017, 16:37

I checked out the /r/AutoHotkey/ subreddit a few times. Like you said, people use it to ask for help here an there. Not much activity. This may change in the future but for now, I think people would be better served by going to the AutoHotkey forum or using the AutoHotkey Livechat.

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