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28 May 2014, 02:47

In v1 I had this

Code: Select all

Progress, B2 zh0 fs11 CW800080 CTFFFFFF WS900 W350 H28, What !
sleep 1500
Progress, Off
What is the code in the v2 for having a simple 'progress' window like this one above?
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Re: Progress?

28 May 2014, 06:55

I saw that the command is removed. This si why I've asked my question ;)

But with the gui progress I don't have the same result as with the old one.
Previously I didn't have a 'real' progress but an 'informative' window. Better looking that an msgbox for example.

I didn't manage to do the same with the Gui,Add,Progress

Can you show me the code for having the same result as the code from the v1 please?

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