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09 Jan 2018, 18:49

Hey, I've been been trying to get controlsend commands from the keyboard to work while client is inactive for some time. I figured out how to do it with mouse clicks.. But for some reason trying to send something like controlsend "F" won't work unless the window is active. I watched the tutorials and don't really understand what is going on in them. Complete nooby here.
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Re: Controlsend

09 Jan 2018, 23:53

To hold down or release a key, enclose the key name in brackets and then use the word UP or DOWN.

; This is how you hold 1 key down and press another key (or keys).
; If 1 method doesn't work in your program, please try the other.
send, ^s ; Both of these send CTRL+s
send, {ctrl down}s{ctrl up} ; Both of these send CTRL+s
Send, {ctrl down}c{ctrl up}
Send, {b down}{b up}
Send, {TAB down}{TAB up}
Send, {Up down} ; Press down the up-arrow key.
Sleep, 1000 ; Keep it down for one second.
Send, {Up up} ; Release the up-arrow key.

Re: Controlsend

10 Jan 2018, 16:54

Yes, okay. But I'm talking about controlsend within the pulover UI. I'm trying to "controlsend" "f" on the keyboard... While tabbed out. But the input is only working when tabbed in. not ctrl+send.. mind

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