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Re: [Function] GuiButtonIcon

29 Dec 2014, 10:55

Very nice. Easy and small.
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Re: [Function] GuiButtonIcon

22 Nov 2016, 17:42

Nice one. Is it possible to set transparency on the icons? Let's say make the "save" icon half-transparent.

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Re: [Function] GuiButtonIcon

23 Nov 2016, 12:24

Very nice! Thanks
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Re: [Function] GuiButtonIcon

23 Jul 2017, 14:57

it is possibel to hide a icon?
GuiControl, Hide%Button2Shown%, Button2

if "A" exist show button2
if "A" not exist hide Button2

Terribel: GuiControl, Hide%Button2Shown%, Button2 was the solution....
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Re: [Function] GuiButtonIcon

12 Feb 2018, 05:44

Long time I was looking for a solution to use an image as a real button with the standard look and effect!
Just found this topic now !
Simple and great, still working fine, so thanks many years later :D

To add my 2cts I want to remind that you can use also handle to images or other image types (jpg, png etc.)

From Help File on ListView IL_Add
A bitmap or icon handle can be used instead of a filename. For example, HBITMAP:%handle%.
And for other images it seems this should be something like
IL_Add(ImageListID, Filename.jpg (png,...), Transp=0xFFFFFF , ResizeNonIcon=1])
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