ReceiveMIDI [CMD]

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ReceiveMIDI [CMD]

09 Feb 2018, 03:25

ReceiveMIDI is a multi-platform command-line tool makes it very easy to quickly receive and monitor MIDI messages from MIDI devices on your computer.

These are all the supported commands:

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 dev   name           Set the name of the MIDI input port
  virt  (name)         Use virtual MIDI port with optional name (Linux/macOS)
  list                 Lists the MIDI input ports
  file  path           Loads commands from the specified program file
  dec                  Interpret the next numbers as decimals by default
  hex                  Interpret the next numbers as hexadecimals by default
  ch    number         Set MIDI channel for the commands (0-16), defaults to 0
  ts                   Output a timestamp for each received MIDI message
  nn                   Output notes as numbers instead of names
  omc   number         Set octave for middle C, defaults to 3
  voice                Show all Channel Voice messages
  note                 Show all Note messages
  on    (note)         Show Note On, optionally for note (0-127)
  off   (note)         Show Note Off, optionally for note (0-127)
  pp    (note)         Show Poly Pressure, optionally for note (0-127)
  cc    (number)       Show Control Change, optionally for controller (0-127)
  pc    (number)       Show Program Change, optionally for program (0-127)
  cp                   Show Channel Pressure
  pb                   Show Pitch Bend
  sr                   Show all System Real-Time messages
  clock                Show Timing Clock
  start                Show Start
  stop                 Show Stop
  cont                 Show Continue
  as                   Show Active Sensing
  rst                  Show Reset
  sc                   Show all System Common messages
  syx                  Show System Exclusive
  tc                   Show MIDI Time Code Quarter Frame
  spp                  Show Song Position Pointer
  ss                   Show Song Select
  tun                  Show Tune Request
  -h  or  --help       Print Help (this message) and exit
  --version            Print version information and exit
  --                   Read commands from standard input until it's closed
Alternatively, you can use the following long versions of the commands:

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  device virtual decimal hexadecimal channel timestamp note-numbers
  octave-middle-c note-on note-off poly-pressure control-change program-change
  channel-pressure pitch-bend system-realtime continue active-sensing reset
  system-common system-exclusive time-code song-position song-select
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Re: ReceiveMIDI [CMD]

16 Mar 2018, 21:27

Thank you man!

I'm sending midi messages all day long from my general purpose script.

(I use my Akg k240 through some VST's on Reaper, especially one that corrects it's freq curve, called Morphit, and it's very good to be able to control a limiter, for example, while watching some low volume YouTube video) :bravo:

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Re: ReceiveMIDI [CMD]

23 Mar 2018, 10:29

And SendMIDI too! :D
What an excellent couple of little tools; thanks for the link, BoBo. I'll be dusting off my old Tranzport wireless MIDI controller - no more getting out of my comfy rocking chair to fiddle with multimedia settings for me any more.
If I get a couple of longer cables for my pedalboard, I won't even have to use my hands! :dance:

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