Compliled scripts using COM

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Compliled scripts using COM

03 Aug 2018, 23:36


I've noticed that compiled scripts that have use of COM, will not work without the "autohotkey.exe" file present on a computer that don't have AHK installed. I'm sure there is something within it, but out of curiosity, does anyone know if there is a substitute for this, or just the detailed answer? again, curiosity, not a need.

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Re: Compliled scripts using COM

04 Aug 2018, 00:29

what OS? What AV is installed?
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Re: Compliled scripts using COM

04 Aug 2018, 08:01

This sounds strange. Just the file present, somewhere on the computer? What should that do? Since it is not installed, how would the compiled exe even know about and find it (and the compiled exe contains autohotkey.exe anyway)?

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