ListView property for "Rows of Height"?

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ListView property for "Rows of Height"?

15 Dec 2018, 17:30

Not finding anything in AHK forum/AHK documentation or Windows API: Is there a way to determine how many rows of height a ListView is configured for? e.g.

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LV := Gui.Add("ListView", "r20 w700", "Name|Size (KB)")
Is there a property that will tell me that 20 rows will fit in the Listview ("r20")? Or some other way to get this programatically?

I found this link, but not being a c# programmer (and with the contradictory positions in the post), I'm not sure if the answer is in there...
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Re: ListView property for "Rows of Height"?

16 Dec 2018, 04:12

Try a creative use of:
Something like:
Get height of listview for an estimate, start with that estimate, get approximate rect, and compare

Increase or decrease that estimate and try again as needed
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Re: ListView property for "Rows of Height"?

16 Dec 2018, 04:26

Maybe (for report view):

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MaxVisibleRows := DllCall("SendMessage", "Ptr", LV.Hwnd, "UInt", 0x1028, "Ptr", 0, "Ptr", 0, "Ptr")

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