It's possible one ControlClickDrag

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It's possible one ControlClickDrag

22 Feb 2019, 11:34

I use Autohotkey_H and need to make somethings like "Control"ClickDrag to put into one thread function:

MouseClickDrag, left, 320+wX, 396+wY, 334+wX, 396+wY, 50


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SendEvent {Click 320+wX, 396+wY, down}{click 334+wX, 396+wY, up}

but not work

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ControlClick, x320 y396, " wName ",,,, D, NA
Sleep 500
ControlClick, x334 y396, " wName ",,,, U, NA
, some other method ?

please help me :oops:
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Re: It's possible one ControlClickDrag

15 Jul 2019, 05:34

This seems to be a typical Ahk_L question. As such it would be better here, but anyway,

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MouseClickDrag, Left, 320+wX, 396+wY, 334+wX, 396+wY
if it suits you!

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