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(Uses AutoHotkey Language)

What application does:

Provides Dropbox version 1.1.45
Makes it fully portable -> you do not have to install it on every pc you use, just copy the entire directory and start the application
You can put your dropbox on your USB-Stick and have it with you all the time
You can select which folders should be synchronized to your folder (Selective Sync)
You can maintain multiple dropbox accounts on the same computer/user account
You can use your dropbox everywhere, also without administrator privileges

If a new version is released, the old version will pop up a notification window asking you whether you want to update it or not.

Special features

SyncAndGo – Run Dropbox, wait for it to finish syncing all files and close it afterwards
User Applications – Run applications before and after the execution of Dropbox
Connection Profiles – Set up different connection settings

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