fixes for the Windows 10 May/June 2019 updates

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fixes for the Windows 10 May/June 2019 updates

24 Jun 2019, 05:31


Everything New in Windows 10’s May 2019 Update, Available Now
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Microsoft’s New Windows Terminal Is Now Available


[unwanted Ctrl+Win+Alt+Shift hotkey]
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Prevent Win+Ctrl+Alt+Shift hotkeys from opening the Office dialog in Windows 1903 - AutoHotkey Community

[unexpected tab opens in Internet Explorer sometimes (observed on Windows 7)]
[Set Microsoft recommended settings for your browser]
How do I get rid of "Set Microsoft recommended settings for your - Microsoft Community


Dear Microsoft, please add an option to remove the Ribbon in Explorer, Excel, Paint (and elsewhere).

I've reflected on the issue, and I would rather have classic context menus in every piece of Microsoft software that I use.

So, if you are going to continue reforming the software, and resolving long-standing problems, please make the Ribbon something that can be completely disabled.

Anyone reading this, please make what efforts you can to get this put high up on Microsoft's reform agenda.
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