associating .ahk files with AutoHotkey: issue with reinstalling

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associating .ahk files with AutoHotkey: issue with reinstalling

05 Jul 2019, 13:08

tl;dr: the AHK installer is unpredictable re. the .ahk association

- I've had a problem where I've installed a version of AutoHotkey Basic, in order to obtain the .chm file (documentation file), then reinstalled the latest version of AutoHotkey:
- .ahk files are no longer associated with AutoHotkey, they have no association.
- If I then try to run a .ahk file, and select 'C:\Program Files\AutoHotkey\AutoHotkey.exe' via the 'Open with' dialog, I have a problem that scripts never receive any command-line arguments.
- If I uninstall then reinstall the latest version of AutoHotkey, this fixes the problem.

- So, the AHK installer automatically creates the .ahk file extension association with AutoHotkey.exe. But it fails sometimes. Why is this?
- (Perhaps there should be a checkbox for associating .ahk files with AutoHotkey.exe, however, there isn't enough room for another option on the installer dialog, so maybe not.)
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