RPA Autohotkey GUI editor Topic is solved

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RPA Autohotkey GUI editor

28 Aug 2019, 14:15


Is it possible to have one editor based on Autohotkey that looks like WinAutomation editor, or BluePrism or UiPath editor or ...

I mean I am not so much an expert in creating apps like in automation of business processes, but for promoting Autohotkey I think it would be a great thing if someone go into that.

Pullovers Macro Creator was on right track, but this project is dead for three years.

Personally I am using VS Code, but for promoting AHK I think It would be a good idea.
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Re: RPA Autohotkey GUI editor  Topic is solved

09 Sep 2019, 16:45

RPA Tools like the ones you mentioned are currently coming up short in enterprises around the world... At best they handle 40-60% of basic requirements... Moreover, they are pretty much tapped out these last few years now that the simplest tasks are all queued up... Reason I mention is to suggest that rather than burn cycles contemplating ways to reduce AHK to the lowest common denominator, you should just go ahead and learn it... Demand is rising for tip to tail solutions in the areas that RPA Tools leave completely uncovered... As important, the lemmings who have sacrificed their formative years learning only how to drag and drop a third party canned procedure simply can not be innovative... They will be cutting and pasting along with their competitors, none of whom is any longer capable of truly original thought... So, instead of waiting, dive in with AHK or Python or any Windows compatible language... They are all more powerful than the RPA Tools, although nothing is or likely will ever be, better suited to the task of automating Microsoft Windows than AHK... Just sayin...
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Re: RPA Autohotkey GUI editor

10 Sep 2019, 06:44

Hi ahkrpa,

Yes, I totaly agree with you.

Case closed :D

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