Re: v1.1.31.00

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Discuss Autohotkey related topics here. Not a place to share code.
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Re: v1.1.31.00

28 Sep 2019, 12:42

Can't wait to try out switch! :+1:
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Re: v1.1.31.00

28 Sep 2019, 13:19

lexikos wrote:
28 Sep 2019, 08:12
Added Switch.
Thank you very much. :thumbup:

PS: Panda Dome AV neutralized the installer exe. Returned the favor and proceeded with install.
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Re: v1.1.31.00

28 Sep 2019, 14:55

Hi lexikos,
Just tested Switch in v1.1.31.00 on a large set of If-Else-If statements in one of my programs. The original code has 27 If-Else statements, plus a fall-through Else. The replacement Switch with 27 Case statements and a fall-through Default worked perfectly! Much cleaner...very nice! This is the same result that I got previously with the v1.1.30.03-4+gdd14232 test build. Thanks for moving this enhancement into a release. Regards, Joe
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Re: v1.1.31.00

29 Sep 2019, 07:47

lexikos wrote:
28 Sep 2019, 08:12
Added Switch.
Switch all up in here! :superhappy:
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Re: v1.1.31.00

01 Oct 2019, 19:49

Thanks for the update Lexikos. AHK is great!!
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Re: v1.1.31.00

06 Oct 2019, 11:33

Thanks for the update! Time to do some switches!
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Re: v1.1.31.00

09 Oct 2019, 22:48

I'm very excited about the AltGr bug fixes, and I can't wait to test them. Thanks for your hard work!

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