Came across Visual Studio Code the other day

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Re: Came across Visual Studio Code the other day

03 Sep 2019, 12:53

I found that somebody forked the PHP Debugger extension by Felix Becker and got it to work with AHK. It can be found here - It isn't published to the extension marketplace but hopefully it might be soon.

You can clone the repository and switch to the ahk-conversion branch. Then within VSCode, install the extension from VSIX and select the ahk-debug-0.0.1-development.vsix file from the repository. It didn't work super well with AHKv2a101 but seems to work better with a104.
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Re: Came across Visual Studio Code the other day

03 Sep 2019, 20:14

@kczx3, that's good to know. Thanks.
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Re: Came across Visual Studio Code the other day

19 Oct 2019, 13:00

Does anyone know how to make use of the "Output" window in VS Code?

When I run such code:
OutputDebug Hello World
I expect it appears at the panel "Output" in VS Code, but it doesn't happen.
I use third party application "DebugView" to debug AHK-scripts using OutputDebug function.
It works well but it's not so convenient because:
1. It shows outputs of all applications running (not only current ahk-script).
2. DebugView is another application (another window) and I would like to work in one IDE and watch in one place, right below the code.

I'm used to doing without Debugger (OutputDebug is enough for me).
I know some persons work on AHK debugger for VS Code and I think it will appear sooner or later inevitably because of high VS Code popularity.
But for now, we have no one :(


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Re: Came across Visual Studio Code the other day

21 Oct 2019, 23:27

Writing to the output tab should usually be done via writing to STDOUT from your application. Within AHK you write to STDOUT using FileAppend

Unfortunately there seems to be a few problems with catching stdout from VSCode .... (see for example: process.stdout.write calls don't show in the console from node2 debug sessions) - so this obviously does not work at the moment. :?

Concerning OutputDebug:

* I would recommend using DebugView++ instead of DbgView.exe - this has several advantages, for example highlighting OutputLines due to several user definable criteria (for example: Show all lines containing "ERROR" with red background ....)
* To avoid showing up messages from all running applications you should set a filter in DebugView++, which filters all messages except the ones you want to see (for example based on process name)

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