If an exe file on disk is a compiled AHK script?

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Re: If an exe file on disk is a compiled AHK script?

10 Nov 2019, 17:28

I don't get your question, if you mean "Are all exe files compiled AHK scrip?" then the answer is no, not all exe files are AHK complied.
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Re: If an exe file on disk is a compiled AHK script?

10 Nov 2019, 18:08

I'm pretty sure what he means is this: If you look inside an EXE file, such as with a text editor, a hex editor, a resource hacker, etc., can you determine that the EXE file was compiled from AutoHotkey source code? The answer is probably yes in all cases, since, at the end of the day, the AHK interpreter is embedded in the EXE, but the skill needed to do it ranges from novice in some cases to intermediate in other cases and to expert sometimes, depending on what compiler was used, what fork of AutoHotkey was used, and the options used when compiling. On the novice scale, you can see the AHK source code with a plain text editor; on the intermediate scale, you can see the other AHK standard icons when creating a shortcut to the EXE and then doing Properties>Shortcut>Change Icon; on the (somewhat) expert level, you can see several identifying elements in a resource hacker, even if MPRESS or UPX was used, such as the icons, the manifest, and RCData.

There's an interesting related discussion here:

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