Using Media Keys Without Fn Key Pressed

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Using Media Keys Without Fn Key Pressed

26 Dec 2019, 12:13

Hi guys, newbie here.

I want to be able to use my media keys without having to press Fn every time as it is far away from the Function Keys on my keyboard.

I have tried to find example codes for how I can have a double tap of a function key to trigger media keys, for example double tap F3 to pause/play music.

Also, on another note, I have tried using:

1 % 5::
Send, myemail

to have my email typed out for me when I hold 1 and press 5, this works, however when I use this command I can no longer use the number 1 key for any normal typing and I am not sure why... can't find examples of how to use 2 buttons as an input for this kind of scenario (Google keeps bringing up results for 2 buttons as an output from a 1 button input).

If anymore info is needed to assist or anything to make it easier please do say, though I have tried to include as helpful info as I can.

Thanks in advance:)

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