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09 May 2020, 23:04

Good day,

I have been developing some scripts for automating some features in Factorio. I do image searching and respond accordingly. Its become reliable for a few features and if anyone is interested i would share it.

Goal: Have script that can run for 20 mins or more at a time completing a few tasks,

Let me know if you are interested in this project. We have a gitHUB
Roland Deepson
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Re: Factorio

14 May 2020, 17:36

What is this post supposed to be? All it is right now is an invite for someone to pm you out of sheer curiosity. You have not described any relevant info of any kind. There is no concrete or even vague description of what your scripts might do, why a person would want to use them, or anything else of substance.
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Re: Factorio

31 May 2020, 10:06

yes you are correct.

We play on a public Server and a custom scenario. The map is filled with rocks so to make any progress anywhere rocks must mined. The primary function of the script is to mine the rocks and dispose of the ore.

If anyone plays Factorio and uses AHK i imagine they may be interested in this project.
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Re: Factorio

31 May 2020, 13:36

Hi @JaminRoyale1, this subforum is meant for scripts and functions. Links to github would also be fine.
(That means, script announcements should be followed up by actual code).

If your code is on github anyway, feel free to post the link. Should the link get scrambled by the forum software, I (or any other staff member) can fix it for you.
But currently the content of this topic doesn't qualify for this forum section... btw, new users aren't allowed the forum's PM function to contact you (if that's the plan).
If you should have questions about this forum or its rules, feel free to post them here.
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Re: Factorio

31 May 2020, 22:20

I play Factorio but I don't know why you would dispose of the ore. Dare I say you may even be playing Factorio WRONG!?

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