WinFinder v1.0 (Window Spy alternative)

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WinFinder v1.0 (Window Spy alternative)

31 Oct 2015, 16:24

WinFinder is based on Microsoft Spy++; it's a more simplified tool for Win32 programmers to help them viewing Windows handles and APIs.
You can run it on Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7 and Win8.
Just unpack and run winfinder.exe

It sees a bit more as the default Window Spy that comes with AHK so it may help in some situations.
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Re: WinFinder v1.0 (Window Spy alternative)

17 Nov 2015, 18:43

Interesting :+1:

Re: WinFinder v1.0 (Window Spy alternative)

08 Jan 2017, 04:56

I still had the downloaded archive, you can download it here (link valid for 30 days):

VirusTotal results (clean): ... /analysis/

The EULA allows it to be redistributed "You may copy and distribute literal (i.e. verbatim) copies of the Program as you receive it throughout the world, in any medium;"
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Re: WinFinder v1.0 (Window Spy alternative)

14 Apr 2019, 15:29

Alternate Link for WinSpy:

https /dyn-postdownload.php/584e2bf4077632286eab987bcd1f165e/5cb3a608/3ba23/4/1 Broken Link for safety
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Re: WinFinder v1.0 (Window Spy alternative)

16 Apr 2019, 17:53

Thanks, @pasc, works. Doesn't like 125% zoom, but at 96dpi on Win7 looks like this:
Capture.PNG (39.82 KiB) Viewed 3862 times

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