activeaid or something similar

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activeaid or something similar

09 Feb 2016, 08:08


I used activaid (see here: or here: a lot. Problem is that these tools (which use ahk) are no more maintained. Now I wonder if there is something similar out there which is still maintained? Activeaid is just wonderful but it's scripts die one by one with every new windows release. I now migrated to Win 10 and there are new issues.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Re: activeaid or something similar

10 Feb 2016, 15:42

it'd be nice if the website told what they did instead of just "history" and "known bugs". that gives no info to anyone who has no idea.
Not ever a screenshot :/

Sooo, possibly explain what you want in Ask for Help or give us some info so we don't have to download a random .exe :P we can google
rawr. fear me.
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Re: activeaid or something similar

11 Feb 2016, 02:03

tidbit... you can trust activaid
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Re: activeaid or something similar

26 Mar 2019, 19:55

jNizM wrote:
11 Feb 2016, 02:03
tidbit... you can trust activaid
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Check out a2: . But it is still under development, which progresses very, very slow.

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