Closing File Objects on the Object Topic is solved

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Closing File Objects on the Object

Post by hasantr » 30 Nov 2020, 19:58

I'm very new to the file object. I have to ask a few funny questions.

With a Loop, I add file objects to the object in this way. Finally I close all of them using a loop again.

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FO[A_LoopField] := FileOpen(A_Temp . "\" . A_LoopField . ".Txt" ,"W","UTF-8")

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FO :=
Does the line close all open files? Or do I have to turn it off one by one?

Is this function required?

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	Global FO
	For K,V in FO
	FO :=
If I quit the script instead of closing files. Will the files stay open in memory?


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Re: Closing File Objects on the Object  Topic is solved

Post by swagfag » 01 Dec 2020, 05:49

its not needed, releasing the last reference to a FileObject closes it automatically

FO := is a syntax error though

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