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Re: YouTube Ads

Post by tidbit » 30 Apr 2021, 17:18

ublock origin, never configured a thing. totally stock. haven't seen an ad on youtube in forever (except maybe when I turn it off and forget to turn on. but thats rare)
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Re: YouTube Ads

Post by SOTE » 30 Apr 2021, 17:49

tidbit wrote:
30 Apr 2021, 17:18
ublock origin, never configured a thing. totally stock. haven't seen an ad on youtube in forever...
Agree, uBlock works. No ads. If YouTube/Google could look past the greed, arguably they would do well to have some lower tier cheap premium option that was just ad-free. Turned the blocker off to remember how it feels, was just flooded beyond belief. It was insufferable, don't know how non-technical people can take it.

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Re: YouTube Ads

Post by Delta Pythagorean » 01 May 2021, 02:03

I use uBlock on pc, enough said there.
As for mobile I use YouTube Vanced, no ads, and in the settings there's a setting for "sponsor skipping" which skips ahead on the video a set amount based on a "global" "wiki" for the videos. So one person somewhere else can add a block for a sponsor, for a segment that asks the user to subscribe and all that, for when the person plugs their merch, etc. I love it.

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Re: YouTube Ads

Post by anaheims » 24 Jun 2021, 07:36

I've been using AdBlockPlus for a long time now and just don't see ads. Thanks to this application, I can easily watch movies and play at syndicate casino au. Never had any problems. In addition, also subscribed to YouTube, which also allows you to get rid of ads :superhappy:

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Re: YouTube Ads

Post by Atofe » 02 Dec 2023, 11:24

Oh man, YouTube ads can be such a pain, right? I've been down that road of trying to dodge them too. I remember using Privoxy for a while, and it felt like a victory... until, of course, it stopped working. It's like YouTube's one step ahead, always tweaking things to make sure those ads get through.

Honestly, at this point, I've kind of accepted that ads are part of the YouTube experience. Sure, they're annoying, especially when you're really into the video, but it's almost like a trade-off for the free content.

I did hear about this Power AdSpy tool, though. It's more for understanding ad strategies than blocking them, but it's kind of cool to see the mechanics behind these ads. Makes me feel a bit like an insider, even if I can't skip them.

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Re: YouTube Ads

Post by hoppfrosch » 04 Dec 2023, 02:24

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